How do I change the password on a DX4100 user account?


Password changes on the DX4100.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


DX4100 Series DVR


Installation and Maintenance


Enter Setup  and click on System => User.

Click in the Password field to edit the password.


User accounts can be added, changed, or deleted. By default, both the user name and password for user number 01 are admin; only the password can be changed. The user ID (admin) and Level (Administrator) for user 01 cannot be changed.

A user account consists of the following settings:

  • Number: The unit supports 10 users (01 to 10).
  • ID: The user name is created by the system administrator and can have up to 23 characters.
  • Level: Defines the features that are available to the user. Table F describes permissions for each user level: Administrator, Power User, and Normal User.

Note: The password is created by the system administrator. If you change the password, it must contain 4 to 8 characters.