SE(R)8000 series short and long messages


SE(R)8000 series short and long messages

Product Line

SmartStruxure Solution, SmartStruxure Lite


SE(R)8000 series room controller
StruxureWare Building Operation Automation Server


Configuration of the SE(R)8000 series short and long messages. 


The short and long messages are set via BACnet. An example of using the SmartStruxure Automation Server with SE8000 series can be found here.
Take note that the short and long messages do not hold when power to the SE8000 is turned off. This is because currently, the messages are stored in RAM. The workaround is to change the name (from the AS) and back again then save to get it to display on the unit again. 
1. To change the SE8000 long text message from a graphic page (TGML) the SE8000 long text message. This would be the 'Description' field of the SE8000 BACnet device in StruxureWare Building Operation Workstation.
  • Created a DynamicText object on the TGML page.
  • Bind this DynamicText object to the SE8000 BACnet device. Simply drag and drop the SE8000 (under the MSTP Network) to the Value property of the DynamicText object. Example of the binding path of the DynamicText object is '../BACnet Interface/MSTP Network/SER830xAxxxx-1/DESCR'. 

    Refer to Lessons Learned article 17087 for more details on uploading and displaying SE8000 series short/long messages using BACnet. 
2. To change the short text (display on the SE8000), set 'Location' in the SE8000 BACnet device properties, Advanced tab. You can also create a DynamicText object on a TGML graphic page and bind it to the 'Location' properties. Example of the binding path for this would be '../BACnet Interface/MSTP Network/SER830xAxxxx-1/Location'.