B3 device is offline after deployed from PCS sucessfully


Offline edit in PCS and deployed sucessfully ,When go to workstation, AS is online, but all b3s is offline.

Product Line

SmartStruxure Solution


Smart Struxure 1.50


AS 1.5

BACnet interface


The b3s have a BACnet Device ID which is different from that assigned to b3s in PCS.


Due to the BACnet device ID can not be modified in PCS after assigned, So it is best to modify the BACnet Device ID in Continuum

1,Use a BCX4040 connect with b3 device one by one or together

2,Bring b3s online in Continuum workstation

3,Modify the BACnet Device ID for each b3 to the BACnet Device ID assigned in PCS

4,Go back to SBO workstation, b3s should go online.