DSSRV quick installation guide


DSSRV quick installation guide

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Monitors, Pelco Video Management


  • ENC5416
  • ENC5516
  • ENC5400-4PORT


DSSRV setup information


  1. With the power off, connect all devices that will be used. (2 Monitors only, keyboard, mouse, hard drives, ENC5400-4PORT, ENC5416 or ENC5516).
    -Check ENC5416 power supply adapter is secures to the cable clip.
    -Check the HDMI cable between the DSSRV and ENC5416 are tighten.

    A mix of ENC5416 and ENC5516 analog video encoders cannot be used on the same DSSRV.  DSSRV will only support one or the other.
    An ENC5400-4PORT video captured card is required to install a ENC5516 or ENC5416 to a DSSRV. The required cable is included with the captured card.
    When using ENC5516 analog video encoders with the DSSRV, it is recommended to update Digital Sentry software to v7.7 for coaxitron PTZ control.

  2. Turn on ENC5400 or ENC5516, (If no encoder go to step 3)
  3. Turn on the DSSRV.
  4. Log into windows when prompt. (default User name:DSServiceUser, Password: dsserviceuser)
  5. Change the "Computer Name" and Change the "IP address" on the "Local Area Connection" (Left NIC) if needed.
  6. Reboot system if prompted.
  7. Run DS Quick setup.
  8. Open DS Control point and verfiy live video is display.

Note: DS Admin can be used to make configuration changes.

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