DX Series Client display's black video in the live display when logged in as 'Guest' to a DX8100 recorder.


The DX Series Client connects to the DX8100 successfully but when a camera is drag-n-dropped into the display the video is black.

When logged out (Guest)

Logged in (admin)


Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DX8000/DX8100
  • DX Series Client


The DX8100 user group "Restricted User" does not have LIVE access.


Enable "Live" support for the restricted user group using the DX Series Client.


  1. Login using an administrator user account (admin).
  2. Click on Setup (Gear Icon at top left) and then select the User menu.

    Notice the Live option under "Restricted User Group" is grayed out or white.


    There is a graphical glitch that can make the access options/button disappear, if this happens, either move the mouse pointer around the buttons or you can leave Setup and then return.  Also sometime if you move the whole client window the buttons will return.

  3. Using the mouse, click on the Live button and then Apply.

  4. Navigate back to the live display and logout; verify video is being displayed even when logged out.