Difference in SmartStruxure Backplanes for Power Supply and Automation Server Modules.


In rare occurances technicians may remove the bottom terminal from the AS or I/O Baseplate so that a power supply can fit. The backpanes inside the baseplates are not al the same and this will not work.

Visually determine which baseplate is for each module.

Product Line

SmartStruxure Solution


SmartStruxure Power Supply

SmartStruxure Automation Server

SmartStruxure I/O module


Incorect baseplate will not work on the SmartStruxure modules.


See picture for representation of Power Supply backplane, the other configuration is for Automation Server (and I/O modules).

Top View of Backplane Connector PositionRear View of Power Supply Missing Resistors

For more detailed information please see the Hardware Reference Guide.