Pelco's 3D Camera/Design/Placement Software Tool supported cameras.


  • What camera models can I use within the 3D worlds in the Pelco 3D tool?
  • Pelco's 3D placement tool supports what cameras?
  • What other manufacturer's camera models can be placed into the Pelco 3D Tool?
  • Pelco's 3D Camera Design Tool can be used with other manufacturer's camera models right?
  • Can I load other manufacturer's camera model into the Pelco 3D Camera Design Tool software?
  • I only see Pelco models within the 3D software; what other models can I load into the 3D world?
  • Are there other models that are supported within the 3D world environments that I made in Pelco's 3D camera placement tool?

Product Line

Other, Pelco Cameras


  • All of Pelco's Analog and IP based cameras.
  • 3D Camera Design Tool


Insufficient options and documentation about supported camera models within the 3D Camera Design Tool.


In short, Pelco's camera models are the ONLY truly supported models within the Pelco 3D Camera Design Tool software. However, since the 3D view within the software is calculated from the camera's Field Of View, lens options, imager size (CCD AND Megapixel imagers are taken into account) and f-Stops, and IF other manufacturer's model cameras fit within the same ranges for numbers, the view within the 3D environment will remain constant across ANY manufacturer's camera models. In other words, if the other manufacturer's model has the same imager size, f-Stop, lens length, and Field of View as the model selected within the 3D Camera Design Tool, then you can trust that the view formed in front of the camera within the 3D environment will remain constant in relation to the chosen non-Pelco model of camera.

Also, since the 3D Design software is free, you can find within the link provided. There is also documentation and a usage tutorial contained within the same link.