Digital Sentry generating errors in event viewer Permission was denied on the object 'IntegralSqlAgentJobRun' database 'schema 'dbo


Digital sentry application error.


Product Line

Pelco Video Management




  • Windows user account used in IntegralSqlAgentService is not in Digital Sentry SQL database.  
  • Previous windows user account is missing in the Digital Sentry SQL database.


Add the windows user account into the SQL database.

  1. Confirm what user account is used for the Integral Sql Agent Service.
  2. Go to Start\ Programs
  3. Open Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 folder
  4. Select "SQL Server Management Studio"
  5. Press "Connect" when prompt to connect to server.
  6. Open the security folder
  7. Right Click "Logins" and Select "New Login"

  8. Click on search
  9. In the "Enter the object name to select", Type in the Windows user name used for Integral Sql Agent Service.

  10. Press Ok to save
  11. Select "Server Roles" and put a check mark on Public and sysadmin.
  12. Press Ok to Save.

  13. Confirm user account is listed in the tree. 
  14. Exit SQL Server Management Studio".