How to setup a Privacy Area on a FD5 and FD2 camera.


Unable to see the configured Privacy area on a FD5-DV10-6.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • FD5-DV10-6
  • FD2


Transparent is set to default setting 0.00 and values for TOP,BOTTOM, LEFT and RIGHT are set to the same values.


 Entering the OSD Menu:

  1. Press the OSD joystick control straight down to enter the OSD Main Menu.

  2. The main menu appears (Move the OSD joystick control UP, DOWN, LEFT, and RIGHT to navigate through menus and options).
  3. Select NEXT

  4. Press Enter (press the joystick straight down).
  5. Select PRIVACY

  6. Press Enter to access the Privacy settings

  7. Select AREA SEL
  8. Move the joystick left / right to select 1 of 8 areas, 2 of 8, 3 of 8 ect..
  9. Move the joystick down to select TOP.
  10. Set the value for TOP
  11. Move the joystick down to select BOTTOM
  12. Set the value for BOTTOM.
  13. Move the joystick down to select LEFT
  14. set the value for LEFT
  15.  Move the joystick  down to select RIGHT
  16. Set the value for Right

Important Note:

  • Setting up the values for Left, Right, Top and Bottom should not be be the same values. This will cause the Privacy area to
    be very thin or small making it impossible to see it is there.
  • TRANSP default value 0.00 makes the Privacy area to be transparent (clear).


Saving the settings:
After all settings have been adjusted to work best with the application, move the cursor to the Save All item and press the enter button (push IN the joystick).

Move the cursor to Exit and press the enter button to exit the OSD menu.

NOTE:  Joystick Functions:

  • Press UP: to move the cursor up.
  • Press Down: to move the cursor down.
  • Enter Button: push IN the joystick to enter a selected item(menu) or change the settings of the selected item.
  • Press Right / Left: to change the settings on the selected item

Undestanding the settings for TRANSP and COLOR how they work with Privacy area:



    0.00 indicates Transperant (clear),
    0.50 indicates light blurry image
    0.75 indicates Blurry image
    1.00 indicates the Privacy area will be completely blocked

    If TRANSP is set 0.00 and MOSAIC is enable (ON), There is no COLOR affect.
    When TRANSP is set to 1.00, MOSAIC function is notavailable.

    Examples of TRANSP settings:

  • COLOR:
    1 = RED                                5 = CYAN (sky blue)
    2 = GREEN                           6 = MAGENTA
    3 = BLUE                              7 = WHITE
    4 = GREEN (LIME)                8 = BLACK