Playback the raw video files from Digital Sentry or MasterControl video recorders.


Have access to the raw video recorded to the data drive on a DVXi or DigitalSentry recorder, how to view or playback.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • MasterControl
  • DVXi
  • DVX500
  • DVX1000
  • DVXe
  • DS1000
  • DSXpress
  • DSRealVue
  • XPA
  • XPI
  • XPV


The DVXi or DigitalSentry recorder is unable to boot but there is access to the data drive with the recorded video.


To download the media player and how to playback a file, follow the instructions documented HERE

There are 3 native file types:

  • XPA = Audio for MasterControl
  • XPA = Video for DigitalSentry
  • xpa = Audio for DigitalSentry
  • XPV = Video
  • XPI = Index

*If audio is not being recorded on MasterControl only the XPV and XPI need to be saved. The XPV and XPI which share the same time stamp must be together in the same folder, open the XPV file in the DS Media Player to view.

*If audio is not being recorded on DigitalSentry only the XPA needs to be saved. Open the XPA file in DS Media Player to view.