Graphics update slow and open objects slow even failed


  1.  Graphics update very slow, it take over 1 minutes to load graphic,
  2. Open objects from Continuum Explorer is slow as well, some time will failed to open object if click the object too frequent.
  3. It is fast when use BACnet path on graphis instead of infinity path

Product Line

Andover Continuum


B4920   version 4.2000026

B3s      version 4.5000035

Cyberstation 1.81 or above


  1. For the old BACnet IP controller b4920, version prior to 4.200029 maybe have some communication issue with b3s have new version later than 4.5000035,
  2. MSTP enhance mode not enabled on b4920,


  1. Upgrade b4920 to latest version 4.2000029
  2. Go to the webpage of b4920, check "MSTP Enhance Mode", then click submit
  3. Wait for b4920 go back online , test graphics, that should be ok