DS-CPPC installation


DS-CPPC installation

Product Line

Pelco Monitors, Pelco Video Management


  • Digital Sentry
  • DS Control Point software


DS-CPPC installation information



  1. With the power off make all connection to DS-CPPC(Mouse, Keyboard, network cable, no more then 3 Monitors can be connected)
    Note: Display port to DVI or Display port to HDMI single-Link must be a Active converter for the two DP monitor outputs.

  2. Turn power on.
  3. Log into windows (Default user and password: dsserviceuser)
  4. Change monitor screen display by right clicking on the desktop
  5. Select screen resolution.
  6. Change the appearance of your display.
  7. Press "Apply" then "Ok"  and close window.
  8. Open DS Control point software.
  9. Click the "Systems" tab
  10. Right click on screen and select "Added System

    Note: Do not install DSNVS on DS-CPPC. Not design to run as the NVS recorder.

DS-CPPC spec sheet click here.

DS Controlpoint client software spec sheets click here.

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