Recovery or CleanOS cd's does not run fully on a old Digital sentry system.


When trying to run the Recovery or CleanOS cd's a prompt stating done or finish appears quickly.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Digital sentry older hardware


For whatever reason, there aren't enough IO resources available causing the recovery or CleanOS to finish quickly.


Here are some suggestion to resolve issue:

Note:make sure there is no USB jump drives or external storage connected.

Suggestion: 1

  1. Go into the PC BIOS (reboot and press DEL or F2)
  2. Look for the "Onboard audio chipset" (sometimes called "Azalia"), usually under " Integrated peripherals" Menu and Disable
  3. Disable "Onboard LAN1 Control", In the Integrated Peripherals>Onboard Device menu.
  4. Reboot and perform the recovery and it should go through all the way this time.

Suggestion: 2

  1. After the recovery Fails to run and if there is a dos prompt continues with step 2
  2. Press ctrl + c to break out of “success” screen and go to prompt
  3. Type without quotes “ghost.exe -script=x:option3.txt”
     Note: If you chose option 2, then simply change the 3 to a 2 and use that text file instead.