Programming Presets using the CM8502


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Unable to access the Spectra menu using a CM8502.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • CM8502
  • CM8505D
  • Spectra Series


User is not familiar with CM8505D controller.


To Program a preset using the CM8505D:

  1. Call up the camera to be programmed pressing the corresponding digits on the numeric keypad.
  2. Press the [CAM] key.
  3. Verify the camera is now showing on the monitor.
  4. Using the joystick, select CAM from the menu.

  5. Scroll down to [Preset] and release the [point] button.

  6. The "Set Presets" prompt should appear (at the bottom of the screen).
  7. Using the joystick, move the camera to the desired preset location.

    Note: Skip step #7 when accessing the Spectra dome, Spectra mini menu.
  8. Enter the desired preset number using the numeric keypad.

    Note: To access a Spectra Dome and Specra Mini use preset #95. Preset #28 may work better for Spectra Mini or older Spectra III models such as DD53TC16.
  9. Press the [PRESET] key located on the keypad.
  10. Use the joystick to enter a character alphanumeric description (preset name up to 20 characters).
  11. Repeat the steps for each preset to be added to the Spectra Dome or Intercept Dome with PP option.
  12. Press [CLEAR] when finished to return to the "run" mode.

NOTE: The keyboard must be able to control the camera (Spectra dome, Intercept dome) When using a Spectra dome, the correct RX type must had been previously selected in the CM8502 Matrix.