Upgrading SmartStruxure IO Module Firmware


How to upgrade SmartStruxure IO module firmware.

Product Line

SmartStruxure Solution


  • Workstation
  • IO Modules


Occasionally new firmware builds will be released for the SmartStruxure IO Modules to address issues or add enhancements to the products. These firmware builds must be downloaded to the modules through Workstation.


Upgrading IO Module Firmware

  1. Right click on the IO module in the System Tree and select "Update IO module firmware..."
  2. The "Update IO Module File" browse window will automatically open up. Browse to the new firmware file and click "Open". (All SmartStruxure firmware files can be downloaded off of The Exchange Download Center)
  3. Once the firmware Update has been completed, click "Exit".
  4. To check the firmware version in the IO module, select the module in the System Tree. Click on the "Properties" tab and look for the Firmware version.