How to activate the ONVIF license on the IPCT01 for use with 3rd party cameras.


How do I acquire a version license; and apply the license for activation.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • IPCT01 IP Camera Installation Tool
  • Firmware version 0504-0511-0592 supports ONVIF S
  • License Part NumberIPCT01-EN-ONVIF
  • Third party ONVIF S supported IP cameras


  • Sales and Support
  • Software Activation
  • I cannot connect to a third party IP camera


Note: The firmware license activation key must be Purchased before proceeding.

Part NumberIPCT01-EN-ONVIF

A code is then emailed containing a link to download the license  along with an attached receipt called certificate of entitlement. 

Perform the following steps when emailed entitlement is received:

  1. Copy the activation ID numberDO NOT follow the Instructions for use contained in the email. 
  2. Make a text file: activation.txt   (NOTE: Must be named Activation no other names) and Paste the ID Number into the file.
  3. Save the file and name it Activation.bin.
  4. Copy the Activation.bin file to the root of the USB stick, and connect the USB stick to the IPCT01.

 Note*  Be sure the power supply is connected to the IPCT01: 

To power on the IPCT01, please set the Power Slide Switch on the side to “ON” position, and press and hold the Start Key for 3 seconds.

To verify  Hardware Version:

Navigate menus click on Setup  => Setup system  => The IPCT01 Firmware version must be 0504-0511-0592  to support the IPCT01-EN-ONVIF License.



Apply Online hardware license to the IPCT01  

The IPCT01 must connect to the License server via an Internet connection.

Connect to the Network and be sure the IPCT01 is DHCP enabled. (See Related Topics)

Navigate menus: click on Setup => Setup IP => Setup IP Connection


  1. Press the License button. Message: Select to Activate License.
  2. Tap ONLINE
  3. Press the USB ButtonNOTEThe system may or may not detect the USB stick right away; multiple attempts of this step may be required.



After the IPCT01 detects the USB and initializes,  Select the activation.bin  file in the white box (highlights blue) and click OK. 

  • May require multiple attempts.
  • If the device hangs on a white screen; Power off and re-apply License to the IPCT01.

Select the green checkmark (OK) from the warning message window to reboot to continue.

The IPCT01 Checks the file.

Please Wait while the IPCT01 Applies the LICENSE KEY.

A message window will inform users the license is activated as below. Select OK and the Unit powers off.

NOTE: Leave USB stick in IPCT01 as you reboot the device.

If adding multiple IPCT01-EN-ONVIF with one activation ID code please wait 15 min before trying to apply to second IPCT01 or more.  Not waiting the 15 min will result in multiple attempts before License will be activated.

NOTE: If unit fails to update IPCT01-EN-ONVIF software activation please wait 15 min before trying to apply activation ID again.  If this still fails a second time please contact Pelco tech support for assistance.




How to Verify License

Power on the IPCT01.

Navigate to Setup => Setup IP > Setup IP Connection




Click on the ONVIF button.


You should see the following screen shot. The unit is now ready.


Activation Fails

 If a blank grey screen is displaying with the option to cancel; apply the online hardware license to the IPCT01 again wait 15 min before trying a second time.

 If the blank grey screen persists contact Pelco Technical support.


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