How do the analog video outputs work on the DSSRV using the ENC5516?


  • Does the ENC5516 include spot monitor outputs?
  • What is the "Output 1-1" item in DS ControlPoint > Systems.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • ENC5516
  • MUX analog monitor output
  • BNC


Display cameras connected to a ENC5516 on a analog monitor.


The ENC5516 includes a single MUX analog video monitor output. The MUX output is configured using the DS ControlPoint client software by double-clicking on the Output [enc#] - 1 (Output 1 -1, Output 2 - 1, Output 3 - 1...etc) listed in the camera tree under Systems.  Then populate with analog cameras that are from the ENC5516 that matches the Output number. For more detailed information, refer to How do I configure the Digital Sentry analog monitor output using DS ControlPoint?

 Note: The Vout/SPOT video output is not functional and not used. No video on output.