DX8100 Maintenance process


A DVR is the most vital piece of equipment in a CCTV and network surveillance system.The recording management writes files 24 hours a day with no room for failure.

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Pelco Video Management


DX8100 Series


 Maintaining the DVR on a regular schedule provides your system to function at optimal potential.


Pelco recommends the following guidelines to assist your DVR with running as long as possible:

  • The recorder should be installed in an air conditioned room where the temperature is maintained between 50° and 90°F (10° and 35°C) with relative humidity not to exceed 80 percent, noncondensing.
  • Recommended installation of DVR in rack or dust free secure cabinet.
  • A UPS connection to the DVR for correct power loss process.
  • The DVR should be utilized as a CCTV extension and not for any other reasons.

Daily Maintenance check list:

  • Verify movement on the display screen for each camera in live mode
  • Verify clock on display screen is properly counting.
  • Consider a dwell/sequence mode for preventing image burning on the display monitor.
  • Verify recording schedule icon is active (refer installation manual for details)

Weekly maintenance:

  • Verify the daily maintenance process, with the addition of performing playback from the week’s recording schedule for one hour.

Monthly Maintenance check list:

  • Verify the weekly maintenance process, with the addition of performing a export or backup to CD/DVD/USB from one hour time frame in the month.
  • Verify hard drive status in the Information area.

Six-Month Maintenance check list:

  • Verify the monthly maintenance process, with addition of the following attributes.
  • Spray the DVR with Dust-Off compressed gas duster.
  • Check the status of the hard drives in the information data.
  • Clean front fan filter.

If you have any questions, please contact Technical Support at 1-800-289-9100

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