VideoXpert: Licensing procedure


A new VideoXpert system has been setup and needs to be licensed before it can be used.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • VideoXpert 1.10
  • VideoXpert Ultimate:  Pelco Hardware
  • All Software Server (CMG):  Non-Pelco Hardware
  • Aggregated Channels (Remote Cameras)
  • NSM5200/VSM5200 storage servers
  • Digital Sentry Servers
  • VideoXpert Professional - VxPro


This document will be a baseline for customers to go off of.



  • Entitlement certificate email
  • Internet access - Please note while internet access is required this does not have to be directly from the system that is to be licensed. The file can be exported from the VideoXpert system and then taken to a system with internet access. Once completed it can be brought back to the VideoXpert system to complete the licensing process.

    Note:  The offline licensing procedure can be done from a remote PC using VxToolbox or Admin Portal


Licensing Instructions:

  1. Verify you have the Activation ID's for the VideoXpert product being installed.

    Example email sent from the licensing server

    Note: You may have also received an Entitlement Certificate, this does not show the Activation ID's but shows the Entitlement ID only, make sure you have the information listed in the example email above.

  2. Log into the VxToolbox application (VxPro or VxEnt) or Admin Portal web interface (VxEnt only) using [Username: admin Password: your_specific_password].
    1. VxToolbox Instructions
      1. Select the Licensing tab, then click the + button in the bottom right.

      2. Enter in the Activation ID received for the product.
        1. If the server has internet access   (You can test by opening a webbrowser on the server and attempt access to
          1. Check the box to Automatically activate online; and click ENTER

          2. The license will import automatically. 
        2. If the server does not have internet access   - Offline Licensing
          1. Enter the Activation ID but do not check the activate online box.

          2. You will be prompted to save a license request file (will be named the activiation id)

          3. Select the save location and click Save.
          4. You now need to copy the saved request file to a system with internet access. 

            Follow the steps below to use the web portal to general a Offline Response file.
        3. Repeat the steps if activating multiple Activation ID's.

    2. Admin Portal Web Interface instructions
      1. Click the Licensing tab then click Add.
      2. The Add License window will appear. Type in the activation ID provided on the Entitlement email. Click Enter.
      3. A pop-up may appear asking if you want to save the request file (check your browser for pop up blockers). Save this file to a USB key. If you do not see the pop-up window click the Export button shown below and save this to the USB key.

      4. Repeat Steps 2 - 4 if you have multiple activation ID's listed on the entitlement.

  3. - Generate Offline Response file:
    1. Access
    2. Click Login with the entitlement ID on the left. The entitlement ID can be found in the subject line of the entitlement email. 

    3. Click on the Start Page tab then click Generate Offline License.

    4. Click the Browse... button and select the request file(s) you downloaded from the VideoXpert server. Click Open.
    5. Then click Submit
    6. If this is the only activation ID you have click Download. .
    7. If you have multiple activation ID's, click Start Page and repeat Steps 7 and 8 for each activation ID you have.

    8. Once the final activation ID has been entered click Download.

    9. Open VxToolbox or access the Admin Portal web interface (VxEnterprise only) and select the Licensing tab.
      1. VxToolbox
        1. Using VxToolbox, click the Choose File button next to 'Entitlement Pending' and select the Response.bin file downloaded from the licensing portal; click Open.
        2. Click the Import License File button.

      2. Admin Port Web Interface
        1. Click Choose File and select the response.bin file that was just downloaded. Click Import License File.

        2. When finished the License Summary should show the name and quantities of the items purchased.