Are FMCI-PG1-POE comptible with FMCI-PG1?


The manual does not show the FMCI-PG1-POE as being compatible with the FMCI-PG1 series.

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Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management, Pelco Transmission & Power


When trying to set the FMCI-PG1-POE up with using the FMCI-PG1


These two units are compatible, but not shown in the manual you can go from the FMCI-PG1 to a FMCI-PG1-POE as long as the power is attached it will push out POE to the camera


Make sure you attach power to the FMCI-PG1-POE this gives it the ability to push out POE. This unit is compatible with a FMCI-PG1