Restoring Configuration Setting on a DX2000.


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Unable to import / restored the configuration settings from a DX2000.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DX2000 Series


User help.


Restoring the Configuration Settings

  1. Click the Configuration button.
  2. Click File Utilities. The File Utilities screen appears.
  3. The Configuration Upload functions lets you restore configuration settings (camera names, recording schedules, data configurations, IP address, subnet mask, gateway, base port, unit names, and passwords) from the PC to the DX2000.  This allows configurations to be copied from one DX2000 to another.

To restore or copy the configuration settings:

  • Click the Browse button. The Select Configuration File To Upload screen appears.
  • Navigate to the file.
  • Highlight it.
  • Click Open. The program shows the file name and size.
  • Click Upload. A status bar shows the progress of the upload.
  • When finished, wait about three minutes and then restart the DX2000 program.