VideoXpert: Troubleshoot licensing failures


  • Using the 'Automatically activate online' checkbox fails to import and results in "Entitlement Pending"
  • Loading the offline 'Response.bin' file does not license the unit and the "Entitlement Pending" is still listed.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • VideoXpert
    • VxEnt / VxPro


  • Entering the 'Entitlement ID' instead of the required 'Activation ID'.
  • Activation has already been consumed and is in use.


Make sure to review the licensing procedure for a VideoXpert system, refer to: VideoXpert: Licensing procedure


Verify available activations under the Entitlement ID.

  1. Access and login using the Entitlement ID option.

  2. Click Manage Entitlements (link or the tab)

  3. If this is a new Entitlement with unused Activation ID's, you will show a value of '1' or greater under Copies Left and the Start Date will be blank. 

    This indicates the activation ID's have not been consumed and are still available.

    Note: You can click on the Activation ID link to bring up a 'line item details' for more information regarding the activation.

    If you verify the activations are not consumed but still show an "Entitlement Pending" message in VxToolbox, make sure you are not entering the 'Entitlement ID' instead of the 'Activation ID'.

    You can remove the existing request and just go back through the process using the verified correct 'Activation ID'.

  4. Make sure the licenses have not already been consumed.  This would indicate the activations have already been associated to a device and can no longer be used.

    The Copies Left will = '0' and the Start Date will have a date assigned.


    If the license shows to be consumed:
    1. Check the Licensing tab in VxToolbox and verify if the Activation ID is listed and shows a status of "Active".  If so no need to activate again and the unit is already licensed.

    2. Make sure you are using the correct Entitlement ID for the site and not confused with another location.
    3. If the VideoXpert system has been re-imaged and a database backup was not saved, contact Technical Support 1-800-289-9100 for assistance.
      VxPro Database Backup

How to locate the device associated to Activation ID's under the Entitlement.

  1. Still logged into under the Entitlement ID, click on Manage Devices.

  2. The device listed is the system which has been associated to an Activation ID under the Entitlement.

  3. Click on the Device ID link to get more information.

    In VxOpsCenter under 'About VxOpsCenter', the company name with be listed in front of the ID.  You can use the 'Copy info to Clipboard' option and paste in notepad to get a text string of the ID.


If the licensing procedure as well as this article does resolve the licensing problem, contact Technical Support 1-800-289-9100 for assistance.