How to delete the VAU in DS Admin


How to delete the VAU in the DSSRV DS Admin software.

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Pelco Video Management




I need to delete the VAU in DS Admin.


  1. Double Click the DS Admin icon and log in as User Name "Admin" and Password "admin" 
  2. Once logged into the DS Admin software, expand the Systems Computer Name which is located under the "Available Systems" tab.
  3. Expand the VAU's folder
  4. Click on the VAU Computer Name.
  5. Click on the "Delete VAU" tab located towards the right top of the page.
  6. There will be a box that will allow you to type YES and click on DELETE computer.

Note: Deleting a computer name will remove ALL data from the system relevant to this computer. This includes all RECORDED VIDEO. Make sure the DSVIDEOSERVER service is not running.