DSSRV/ DSSRV2 External RAID Storage


Customer would like an external RAID storage supported with the DSSRV or DSSRV2

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Digital Sentry
  • DSSRV2
  • DX8100HDDI
  • Infortend RAID Storage


  • The DX8100HDDI has gone obsolete.
  • Need to add external storage.  


Pelco announced today (12/18/2014) that they had agreed with INFORTREND, a Silicon Valley leader in RAID technology, to provide RAID storage solutions to be used with Pelco’s DSSRV Video management system. Since the obsolescence of the DX8100HDDI (also manufactured by INFORTREND under an OEM agreement), users of the DSSRV had to provide their own RAID solution whenever needed.

Those customers can now contact INFORTREND via e-mail at pelco@infortrend.com or by phone at +1-408-988-5088 ext.2 and purchase a tested storage solution from INFORTREND. This solution is fully supported by INFORTREND as they have done extensive testing with DS and their RAID Storage solution.

“This is a big step forward for us to support those customers that demand RAID storage capacity in excess of the 6 drive RAID5 system that we offer internal to the DSSRV.  Whenever larger RAID storage is required and an external storage solution is needed, we can now refer our customers to a trusted partner that is at the leading edge of RAID storage”, says Senior Product Manager Olaf Kreutz.

Please click Here for more information on the solution and contact information.