How to record Network Loss to the SD card on a Sarix Professional Series.


Enable SD Record Handler to capture events after a network loss is re-established.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


Sarix Professional Series

  • IMP - Mini Dome Cameras
  • IBP - Bullet Cameras
  • IXP - Box Cameras
  • MicroSDHC or MicroSDXC 32GB cards (Provided by customer)
  • Midspan or direct power


Sales or Setup information on Sarix Professional Series.


Note: The use of a Midspan or direct power must be used.

  1. To setup motion record to a SD card Login to the Sarix Professional Series. (User/Password:admin)
  2. Navigate to the Event menu and Select from the drop down menu "SD Recorder Handler"

  3. Select Network Loss from the drop down menu and select Enabled.

  4. Then format SD card by clicking format format. If you would like the camera to overwrite when full select On for Overwrite.
  5. When the camera losses its network connection and the connection is then restored, a 10 second clip will then record and be stored on the SD card.


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