What is Adaptive IR Illumination?


Cameras with Built-in infrared illuminators can feature Adaptive IR Illumination

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Pelco Cameras


  • Sarix Professional; IMP Series, IBP Series


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Using IR as a source of illumination has a few side effects. For example, the IR illumination must be calibrated to the camera’s field of view to provide the most effective illumination over the entire imaging area and remove unwanted side effects such as hot spotting and dark edges. This calibration is especially problematic when using a camera with a varifocal lens, as the camera’s field of view changes based on the position of the lens’ focal length. Another challenge of using IR as a source of illumination is that objects that come close to the source quickly become oversaturated and evidentiary detail can be obscured.

The camera firmware features Adaptive IR Illumination which compensates for these types of issues.