IPCT01 Sunshade


Sun shines on IPCT01 cause a glare on screen

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Sun shines on IPCT01 making it hard to view screen


Use the following steps to install the Sunshade

Step 1:

Unzip the soft carrying pouch and thread the outward Velcro strap through the slot located at he bottom of the tester

Note: The IPCT01 bottom will point to the clip side of the soft carrying pouch.



Then Pull the strap through and press it securely to the self-adhesive Velcro surface inside the soft carrying pouch.




Step 2:

Thread the Velcro strap though the slot located on the top of the tester as shown in the figure




 Pull the strap through and press it tightly across the case join to the Velcro on the opposite side.




Step 3:

Take the folding sunshade and face the side with Velcro down. Lift the front part of the tester up and put the sunshade's short wing into the space between the tester and the self-adhesive Velcro surface. Meanwhile, Align the wing's left edge with the left edge of the tester.  Press the short wing to the Velcro surface tightly.



Step 4:

Fold one of the sunshade's long wings around the edge of the tester, and insert the tail of the wing into the space between the tester and the Velcro surface, as shown in the figure.  Press the tail to the Velcro tightly.




Repeat step 3 and step 4 to settle the other wing.


The sunshade can be folded down for closing the case.

Step 5:

Hook up the soft carrying pouch with the neck strap onto the clip. Wear the strap and slide the clip along the strap to adjust its length.