My Spectra/Esprit camera is now showing Invalid Camera Module on the screen after we replaced parts.


  • Why does my camera show "Invalid camera module" now?
  • After we repaired our camera, the message of "INVALID CAMERA" is showing on the monitor and I am not getting any video now.
  • What would cause my camera to show "Invalid camera module"?
  • I only replaced a certain part of my camera and did not touch the camera module, but, my camera is now showing "Invalid camera module" for video?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Spectra III models - DD53
  • Spectra IV models - DD423, DD27, DD429, DD35 and DD36
  • Esprit ES30/31 and ES40/41 series models


After a single piece of hardware, or PCB, is replaced inside a camera system, the parts do NOT match up with the older firmware and older camera module.


Due to the fact that there have been many revisions of PCBs and camera modules, along with firmware releases, that are specifically linked with a certain set of guidelines within the camera, if you replace a physical piece of hardware or a PCB inside without changing anything else, the camera module will no longer be able to be registered and will show the message of "INVALID CAMERA MODULE" on the screen.

After the replacement of a PCB or a new component is placed inside the older camera, or, vice versa, there is a need to send the camera in for repair at that time so that everything can be brought to the same firmware and PCB revisions.