EE500 Series EnduraXpress Optional Accessories


What is the replacement hard drive for the EE500?

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • EE532
  • EE564
  • EE532F
  • EE564F


Optional Accessories for hard drive and other system components.


The following list are Optional Accessories to the EE500 Series system:

  • NSM5200-PS        Replacement power supply module.
  • NSM5200-FAN      Replacement system fan (upper-middle).
  • NSM5200-FANB   Replacement rear-chassis (rear panel) fan.
  • NSM5200-FC       Fibre channel expansion card.
  • HD5200-500         Replacement 500 GB drive and carrier.
  • HD5200-1000       Replacement 1 TB hard drive and carrier.
  • HD5200-2T-72K   Replacement 2 TB hard drive and carrier.
  • HD5200-3000       Replacement 3 TB hard drive and carrier.