Where do I connect the data wires from a PTZ to an Axis Encoder?


Where to land the data cable on a Axis encoder using Pelco PTZ cameras.

How do I connect a PTZ camera to an AXIS encoder?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • AXIS Encoders
  • Spectra Series
  • Esprit Series
  • Exsite Series


Axis encoders are for the most part universally designed for similiar data connection types and methods.


Wire Pinout

Connect the data cable from the PTZ camera's RX+ to the Encoder's RS485 terminal RX 1 (May be label differently depending on encoder model). Wire camera's RX+ to encoder's TX 2.

Encoder Configuration

All AXIS Encoders require a Pelco Driver to Control PTZ cameras.  Verify the driver has been uploaded; if not download the latest Pelco driver from Axis's website.


To verify or upload the driver.

  1. Access the encoder using a web browser.
  2. Click on Setup.
  3. On left pane expand PTZ options and select Driver Selection.
  4. Under the Upload section Verify the Pelco Driver.
  5. Verify  the video channel is active.
  6. The PTZ camera should be switched to match the address configured in the Device ID field.
  7. Set Device Type to Spectra III if the specific model of the camera is not listed.

Each encoder model may contain various features and may look similiar:

Configure The Serial Communication Port.

  1. Expand System Options and select COM Port.
  2. Enable port
  3. Set Serial Port Settings for D Protocol at 2400 baud referencing below screenshot.  Axis encoders will vary depending upon model but settings will be similiar.


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