Before a Sarix Camera Initializes Networking upon boot, a Ping Test via PC may return PING: Transmit Failed. General Failure.


Why do I receive PING: transmit failed. General failure when connecting to a Sarix camera?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • All Sarix Cameras.


IP Camera Network hardware has not been initialized.


Major possible reasons for the error message  PING: Transmit failed. General Failure are:

  1. Sarix camera Boot Sequence has not completed:  A Sarix camera can take up from 1.5 minutes to 15 minutes to boot up.  The average boot time before connection can be established is 3-10  minutes.
  2. Sarix Firmware has a corruption:  Reset the camera to Factory Default.
  3. Sarix hardware failure: Repair or replace camera.
  4. Misconfigured Firewall on the PC or across the network: Disable the firewall on the PC, and remove the camera to a bench test.  Then direct connect through a single channel POE injector.
  5. Outdated Network drivers, firmware, or a PC network adapter failure.
  6. PC network configurations.