Motion area shown in NET5500 series encoder doesn't match the motion mask set in ControlPoint


ControlPoint motion mask used for NET5500 series encoders doesn't convert to the exact same size motion area in the encoder

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • Digital Sentry
  • ControlPoint
  • NET5500 series encoders
  • NET5501
  • NET5504
  • NET5508
  • NET5516


ControlPoint uses a 15x22 grid of blocks that make up the motion mask. ENC5500 series encoders use a 12x16 grid of blocks to create a motion area.


Since the grids used by ControlPoint and ENC5500 series encoders don't perfectly line up, a customer may notice a slight difference between the motion mask set in ControlPoint and motion area shown in the encoder web interface.  The encoder takes the mask and converts it to the best approximate fit for a motion area.  Users may need to adjust the mask accordingly to get the best motion area for their needs.


ControlPoint: Motion Mask


Camera Web Interface: Motion Area


Note: Notice that the motion area shown in the picture above is slightly smaller than the unmasked area in the top image.