DX Series DVR shows black video when an analog camera is attached.


  • After physically connecting an analog camera to the back of the DX4800, I am not able to get video.
  • I am getting black video for my analog camera on the DX Server.
  • I cannot seem to get anything other than black video in the quadrants for the viewing of my analog cameras.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DX4500 models / DX4600 models
  • DX4700 models / DX4800 (HD) models
  • DX8100 models


Display on monitor is showing only black video and not the blue background with white Pelco logo. With analog cameras, and unlike IP based cameras, there is truly no configuration needed to get video on the monitor after dragging and dropping the camera into a viewing pane.


There are several reasons why there could be black video showing in the quadrant where analog video should be. These items are:

  1. There is not enough video to forward bias the analog-to-digital converters on the capture card portion of the DX series Server in question
  2. The BNC is placed on the wrong BNC (Input is on the top row and output is on the bottom row)
  3. The video is getting lost along the cable length and only the sync level is getting to the back of the DX Server model in question
  4. With black video in the viewing quadrant, the camera has been dragged from the left to the right, and since there is no true configuration needed just to see video, the camera itself may be marked as "Disabled" within the Setup>Camera section of the programming within the DX Server model.
  5. The camera is not producing video and therefore only the sync level is getting out of the camera in question and only allowing the DX Server model in question to display anything other than the blanking/sync level portion of the incoming composite input.

These are some generalized things to look for when getting black video at the Server. If there is black video in the Client application, then please refer to the Article here: LL#11905 -  Black video using the DX8100 Client, DX4500/DX4600 Client or DX Series Client in Windows 7 or Windows XP.