The CM9760-DMR is an RS422/RS485 device that is in fact protocol specific.


  • Can I use the CM9760-DMR with other protocols other than Pelco's?
  • Is the CM9760-DMR able to support other non-Pelco protocols?
  • Can I send some other RS422/RS485 data through the CM9760-DMR?
  • If I send anything other than Pelco "P" protocol or "D" protocol, will the CM9760-DMR be able to pass that data?

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


  • CM9760-DMR
  • Non-Pelco protocols
  • RS422 or RS485 data transmission


The CM9760-DMR has references to Dip Switch #7 being the protocol selector. The only two protocols it can be set for is "D" or "P" which are both Pelco specific protocols.


The CM9760-DMR is responsive to RS422 or RS485 data transmission methods, yes, but is also protocol specific to either Pelco "P" or Pelco "D". Therefore, with dip switch #7 being active with the protocol selection of either "P" or "D", there is no way to push a non-Pelco protocol through the CM9760-DMR.

This is not related to Coaxitron, or UP-the-Coax control as the CM9760-DMR is strictly for RS422 or RS485 UTP transmission methods..