Basic concept of Side-Framing when it comes to the large matrix switchers.


  • How do I side-frame when dealing with the CM9700 systems?
  • What does a typical Side-Frame system look like?
  • What all do I have to take into account when I side-frame one bay to another in a CM9700 system?
  • What are the physical connections that I need to take into account when side-framing a CM9700 system together?
  • How do I add in more than 256 or 512 cameras per bay in a Cm9700 system?

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


  • CM9740
  • CM9760
  • CM9765
  • CM9770
  • CM9780


It is difficult to picture side-framing if you have never dealt with it through a CM9700 system.


Please feel free to look at this layout of a CM9770 bay side-frame configuration. (ALl CM9700 systems are essentially dealt with in the same way).

Typical CM9770 side-frame layout example.