No live video from Sarix IMP/IME series camera on Digital Sentry system / DS ControlPoint.


  • DS ControlPoint shows no live video for the newly added Sarix Professional range IMP1110 camera.
  • DSAdmin\ VAU\ Camera folder\ Camera\ Onscreen display tab shows a white background with no video or video goes off line.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DigitalSentry version 7.2 and below
  • DSSRV version 7.2 and below
  • DSNVS version 7.2 and below
  • Sarix Professional range IMP/IME series


  • Digital Sentry software version 7.2 and below does not support Sarix Professional range IMP series cameras.


Update Digital Sentry software to version 7.3 or later.


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