Pelco Cameras Lose Function and Can Display Various Behaviors After a Power Outage or Surge.


Pelco analog or IP cameras using AC power can lose functionality after power events.

Pelco IP cameras and encoders using POE (Power Over Ethernet) display various function issues after power events.

IP cameras lose their IP address after a power outage.

IP address Defaults after power loss

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Sarix, Enhanced, Professional, and Legacy Series.
  • All Pelco IP Cameras and Encoders.
  • All Pelco Analog Cameras.
  • Spectra Series.
  • Exsite.
  • Esprit.


When Power fails to supply a device causing interrupted program operations to read and write data memory, the programmed data could decay over time causing corruption to stored data.  Also, Incomplete erase operations can make future program operations to the same block of memory unreliable.  Basically a break in supplied power or a power surge can cause the stored data to corrupt causing innumerable failed data operations even destroy memory space.

Sudden Loss of POE Power. Any electronic product will behave erratically if the power source is unstable and are susceptible to surges.


Immediate resolution

Perform a hard reset to the device, this will wipe working memory  and erase the data corruption and clear any unreliable memory data blocks. Sometimes the powering event will cause the memory space to fail and the device will need to be replaced.

  • Update Sarix Professional firmware to 03.29.51 Be sure to download model specific version.  Download

Condition Power to Maintain Supply

It is assumed all power to devices originates from grid powering.  Condition supplied power at breaker locations across the facility or use surge protection and or UPS backup. Note however that UPS may not prevent surging.  Be sure powering has integrity.