How to access all Endura Software/Firmware on The Exchange Download Center


Sites with Endura Systems must access Software and Firmware files needed to properly maintain and troubleshoot the equipment.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Endura Certified Components


Endura Certification must be obtained and separately linked to an Exchange Download Center account in order to access all available Endura Software/Firmware.


Step 1. Create an account on the Schneider Electric Exchange Download Center

a. Fill in your personal information and Accept the Terms and Conditions.
b. Click Register, then check your email and use the link which was sent to Verify your Email Address.

Depending on the browser in use, the Verify link may not function predictably (may actually work but not appear to have).
To check if it worked, login to your account and see if the option to Verify your email address is still presented.
You can also go here and manually re-enter the verification code if needed.


Step 2. Email The Exchange Download Center Support Team requesting they add the Endura Certified flag to your account.

note: If you do not have Endura Certification, contact your Endura Certified Dealer/Installer - who was required to allow for initial Endura System purchase - and direct them to this Article, as they should be the party performing all of the steps in this article to create a Download Center account and get Endura Certified Access granted to it, so that they can obtain the needed files and deliver them to the site location. To be put in touch with an Endura Certified Dealer/Installer, contact your nearest Pelco Sales and Manufacturer Representative.

Visit the Pelco Global Training Institute for more information on Endura Certification.