Video Exported from Endura WS5200 displays reversed time-zone value during playback from Pelco Export Player.


When playing back video exported from Endura using the Pelco Export Player, timezone appears to be exactly 12 hours opposite of what it should be (i.e. if the timezone should be GMT -8 for Pacific, it shows GMT +8 instead).

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Endura WS5200 version 2.5.7 or below
  • Pelco Export Player version


Pelco Export Player version has this issue, which is fixed in version


  1. Click to obtain WS5200 version 2.5.9 or greater on The Exchange Download Center.
  2. Install WS5200 version 2.5.9 or greater, which will replace the installed Export Player version with v1.0.5.503 or greater.