Sigma Transition to StruxureWare Building Operation - Sigma Logging operation


StruxureWare Building Operation - Sigma logging does not work.

Product Line

Satchwell Sigma, SmartStruxure Solution




Sigma logging has been transitioned to StruxureWare Building Operation, but does not work.


 The Procedure is as follows;

  • Import the log data sets from Sigma to StruxureWare Building Operation.
  • Highlight "Log Sets" in the system tree under the Sigma Interface and select to "Send log sets"
  • To confirm that the controller has started logging, select the appropriate controller, and chose "Diagnostics" and "Log Set Statistics" where you can see the statistics which include the log set/object details.
  • To upload the logging, highlight the required log set and select "Retrieve Logged values".
  • To review the uploaded data, highlight the required log value and view it as required

Once you are happy that the logging in the Sigma controllers is working correctly to StruxureWare Building Operation, logging from the Sigma server should be disabled.