Guidelines for RS2 with Pelco Integration


This is a high level overview of the RS2 - Pelco Integration and is meant to cover the basic hardware and software requirements and general information.

The DVR integration allows the local workstation to interact with the Pelco DVR / NVR units listed in the Environment section. DVR integration licenses must be purchased separately for each workstation.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management



Users may have incompatible versions of RS2 - Pelco Integration software or firmware.


Hardware Requirements:

Software Requirements:

Model Minimum Firmware Requirement
Digital Sentry Series 7.5.609
Endura NET5404T 1.9.2
Endura NSM5200
Endura SM5000
Endura SM5200 1.5.0063
Sarix Enhanced Network Cameras 2.0.1
Sarix Network Cameras 1.9.2
Sarix Professional Cameras 3.28








The Pelco DVRViewer requires one of the following Microsoft .NET Framework versions:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5

The Pelco DVRViewer requires Microsoft DirectX 9.0c.

  • This version of DirectX is required even if you have a later version on your computer. You can download DirectX 9c from the Microsoft Download Center.

Software Installation:

  1. If the Access It! Universal services are running on this machine they must be stopped prior to the software installation.
  2. Download the Pelco DVRViewer by clicking here: RS2-Setup-101.exe
  3. Run the installer from  your local machine.
  4. Click Next on the main setup wizard.

  5. At the "Select Destination Location" window click Browse and navigate to the following folder on your system: C:\Program Files\RS2 Technologies\Access It! Universal\DVRViewer. Click Next.

  6. Confirm the Destination location then click Install.

  7. On the "Completing the Pelco DVRViewer Setup Wizard" click Finish
  8. Follow the instructions in the "Access It! Universal DVR Configuration" documents to complete the DVRViewer setup in the RS2 Access It! VMS software.

Software Uninstallation:

  1. From Control Panel select Programs and Features. Click Pelco DVRViewer 1.0 then click Uninstall.
  2. Click Yes to the message box.