The use of two CM6700 series Matrix switchers together as one complete system.


  • Can I use the CM6700 series matrix switchers togetther?
  • If I have two CM6700 series matrix switchers, can I use them as one unit?
  • What is the procedure to integrate two CM6700 matrix switchers together?
  • How can I put two CM6700 series matrix sitchers together?
  • Can I use one KBD300A on my two Cm6700's matrix switchers so that they can be used togetrher as one system?
  • My CM6700 matrix switchers are separated in dfferent buildings and I need the two matrix switchers to work together; how can I accomplish this?

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


CM6700MXB - ALL models.


Customer confused the CM6800E usage with the CM6700 matrix bay usage as one system.


There is no way to tie two CM6700 series matrix switchers together so that they can be used as one complete system. There is a need for at least one KBD300A per each CM6700 and each matrix switchers will have it's own separate monitor outputs that will be controlled separately from one another.