TXB-N and/or the TXB-IP modules are not able to utlize Extended D command sets.


  • Can I send my Spectra IV IP camera to an asbolute position without the use of Presets?
  • What other ways can I send a Spectra IV IP camera to an absolute position without the use of Presets?
  • If we cannot use Presets, how are we supposed to send the Spectra IV IP camera to a position?
  • Can I use RS422/RS485 control data/telemetry to send a Spectra IV to an absolute position even though I cannot use Presets?
  • When I connect to the analog side of the Spectra IV IP, can I send it to Absolutely positions with Extended "D" commands? 

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Spectra IV IP
  • TXB-IP
  • TXB-N
  • Spectra IV H.264


Due to the mixing of the analog and IP based systems, there was confusion about whether Extended "D" protocol commands can be used instead of Preset commands.


There are two ways of looking at this: 1) Spectra IV IP which are the analog cameras with encoders side, and then 2) the fully functional digital Spectra IV IP HD models.

1) The analog Spectra IV cameras with the TXB-N or TXB-IP encoders inside MUST be connected to a Network in order to use the RS422/RS485 side. The cameras will NOT respond to any analog commands during the configuration process, and up to 5 minutes after boot-up occurred. However, after the boot-up and the 5 minutes has passed, the use of analog "P" and "D" commands can be used to control the PTZ functions of the Spectra IV IP camera. This essentially keeps the camera analog for control but IP for video. However, the TXB-N and TXB-IP modules are NOT capable of supporting the Extended "D" command sets to send the Spectra IV IP cameras to absolute positions without the use of Presets. Basically what this means is that in order to send a camera to a position, that is to be the same over time, there is a need to configure Presets instead of using Extended "D" commands.

2) The digital, Sarix based Spectra IV HD IP based cameras cannot be controlled, in any way, with analog protocols; whether the commands are sent via Extended "D", "P" or "D" protocols. Basically speaking, the Spectra Pro and HiDef series cameras are strictly digital and IP based cameras only and there is no way of using anything other than Preset to send the cameras back to a position that will be the same over time.