What models of the LRD series Legacy Receiver/Drivers have BNCs on the front of the units for video inputs?


  • We need to use Coaxitron with the LRD41 unit and it does not have a BNC video input; how are we supposed to use Coaxitron with this unit?
  • WHat happened to the BNC on the front of the LRD units? We need to use Coaxitron.
  • Does the LRD units without the video input BNC accept Coaxitron?
  • Was he design of the LRD changed to where there is no longer video inputs into them?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Transmission & Power


LRD41C series Extended Coaxitron Legacy Receiver/Drivers

LRD41A model Fixed Speed Coaxitron Legacy Receiver/Drivers


LRD unit in question does not have a BNC for video input, thus causing confusion about whether the LRD units accept Coaxitron or not.


The LRD41C and LRD41A manuals and documentation show ALL models as having am input BNC for video and the use of Coaxitron for control over the Legacy Pan/Tilt units connected to the LRD. However, NOT all models have a "front", input BNC for use of Coaxitron. The LRD41C21 models DO NOT have the "front" input BNC and the video, and thus Coaxitron, are input into the LRD on the 37-pin AMP connector through pins 4 and 27. The LRD41C22 AND LRD41A models ALL have "front" input BNCs for ease of connection for video input, and thus Coaxitron control.