Display port vesion on 500BL series Pelco monitors.


  • What is the version of display port on the Pelco monitors?
  • Since there are different versions of Display ports, what version does the 500 series monitors have?
  • What version of display port do the PMCL555BL and t he PMCL542BL monitors have?

Product Line

Pelco Monitors


  • PMCL524BL 
  • PMCL532BL
  • PMCL542BL
  • PMCL546BL
  • PMCL555BL


No outwardly facing information for the customer, nor internal employees, to find the Display Port version.


The PMCL500BL series monitors all have version 1.2 Display Ports. This version disctates the physical cabling involved.

For further reference - Wiki/Display_Port.