How do I search video using the Remote Control on a DX4X Series DVR


The search feature can search for video stored on the Hard Drive, USB drive, and optical drives.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DX4500/DX4600 Series
  • DX4700/DX4800 Series


Search Using a Remote


On the remote control, press any of the arrow buttons to select a camera pane. A red border highlights the selected pane.

To display the search window, on the remote control, press the SEARCH button . By default, the cursor moves to the Date/Time Search option. The current month’s calendar is displayed.


Select the Media and Search type. Press the menu/ESC Button  Use the navigation buttons to select an option.

NOTE:  Only days with a RED circle indictated available video.

Select a day to search and press the Enter button

The search results display availble video types for that date for each channel. To select a channel for playback: press the number of the channel and hit enter.


The channel button changes color:

Select the Time for playback using the navigation buttons to move the cursur to the desired time then play Play

The playback window is displayed. (In this case, video playback is displayed in a four display view because four channels are


To exit playback, press the stop button.