How do I make Pan and Tilt Adjustments to the IME series cameras


How do I make Tilt and Pan adjustments to the IME series cameras

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Sarix Enhanced
  • IME Series mini Domes


The IME Series features 180 degree tilt and 355 degree pan adjustment.


Adjust Tilt

After the camera module has been secured into the housing, powered up,  and connected to the network; view video using a web browser.

  • Loosen the locking screw with the supplied bit.

  • Loosen the screw until it no longer turns; this will unlock the tilt and swivel ring.

  • Position the camera to the desired tilt and angle of view.

  • Tighten the locking screw using the bit (supplied).
  • Use the Web browser to adjust the focus and zoom.


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