How do I add a new DHCP scope to my SM5200 DHCP Service?


A new DHCP scope must be added.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


SM5200 all versions


When a system runs out of usable DHCP addresses or needs to add a new VLAN hence a new scope, this procedure should be used.


  1. Open SM52000 Web UI ( )
  2. Login with user name admin and password admin
  3. Select the Network tab
  4. Place a check mark next to Use this device as a DCHP Server
  5. Click Add Scope
  6. Enter a Scope Name (example: 192.168.6.x)
  7. Enter an IP Address Range (example: -
  8. Enter a Netmask (example:
  9. Enter a Subnet (example:
  10. Enter a Gateway (example:
  11. Click Save Scope