DS FrameServer, NSMRest service, Serenity, and API services fail to install.


DS FrameServer, Serenity, and API services fail to install and report you do not have sufficient privileges:

"Service 'DigitalSENTRY FrameServer Service' (DS FrameServer Service) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services."

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DS Version v7.8 and above
  • DS Pelco API Bundle Installer v7.8.91 and later
  • DSSRV2


  1. During installation, these services will try to start and log in to the DigitalSENTRY database using the factory default username and password: username = admin, pasword = admin.  This issue will occur if the admin password has been changed prior to installing these services, and if some other software is already using TCP port 554 (such as Microsoft's Windows Media Player Network Sharing service).

  2. The DSNVSUser user account password has been changed from the default.



Cause 1

In order to install these services, the following criteria must be met:

  • The admin password must be set to the factory default of 'admin'
  • The Windows Media Player Networking Sharing Service must be stopped and set to either manual or disabled



After successfuly installing the services, if you would like to change the admin password, please refer to the related article "How to update the DS API password connected to a DS system".

Cause 2

If the DSNVSUser services account password has been changed from the default (Pelco123), you will either need to reset the DSNVSUser password back to defaults or update the password under Log On for the installed services.

To change the password back to the default of Pelco123, follow the process in article: How to change the Digital Sentry service user credentials?

If you know the changed password for the DSNVSUser account.

  1. With the error message listed and still on screen (Do not cancel), Go to Control Panel/Administrator Tools/ Services and locate the DigitalSENTRY FrameServer or PelcoAPI service. Right-click on the service and select Properties, under the Log On tab update the password and save.
  2. Go back to the install error message window and select "Retry".


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