VideoXpert: Migrating from Endura to VideoXpert.


Migration from Endura SM5200 to VideoXpert Core

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


Endura SM5200 version 1.5.0063 or higher
Endura SM5000 version


A site is migrating from Endura to VideoXpert.


Important notes regarding migration:

  • The SM5200 must be at version 1.5.0063 or later.
  • The SM5000 must be at version
  • It is recommended to clean up the users and roles in the SM database prior to migrating (i.e. delete any invalid user or role).
  • It is recommended that a SM Backup is performed on the Endura System before any changes are made. See LL#9145.
  • This migration process transfers user names, roles, permissions, associations, camera names, camera numbers, groups and locations.
  • VideoXpert requires passwords be a minimum of 8 characters. If an Endura user's password is less than 8 characters their password will be appended with 1's until it reaches 8 characters. For example, a password of "ABC" would become "ABC11111" during the migration process. Users with passwords appended this way will be required to change their password upon logging into VideoXpert.
  • Locations and groups are combined into tags in VideoXpert. For example, a camera that was assigned to the "PTZ Cameras" group in the "Casino Floor" location in an Endura environment will become a camera that is assigned to "PTZ Cameras" and "Casino Floor" tags in VideoXpert.
  • After the VideoXpert Core has been installed confirm all devices can be seen on the Devices tab. They will have the default naming convention. Once they appear proceed with the migration. Devices will be properly named after this.
  • Once the migration has been completed go to the Admin Portal and decommission all first generation Endura devices and any MPEG-4 streams.


Download the migration tool below and unzip them to the desktop of any OpsCenter / Workstation currently connected to the Endura System.
In this example the IP address of the SM5200 is and the VideoXpert Core is

Endura Migration Tool

Export the SM5200 database:

  1. Click the Start button the lower left and in the search field type cmd then click Enter.
  2. Type cd desktop and click Enter.
  3. Type sm_export-1.11.12340-9.x86_64.w64 -s [SM5200_IP_Address] then click Enter.
    : The Tab button can be used to auto fill the file name when typing in the name of the SM Export Tool.

    The following is an example:
    sm_export-1.11.12340-9.x86_64.w64 -s

  4. If done correctly the export tool will create two files on the desktop, an export_[SM5200_IP_Address].sql file and a migrate_[SM5200_IP_Address].json file.

Import the SM5200 Database into VideoXpert:

  1. Type ve_import-1.11.12340-9.x86_64.w64 [Core_IP_Adress] [Core_Username] [Core_Password] [migration_file] then click Enter.
    Note: The Tab button can be used to auto fill the file name when typing in the name of the VideoXpert Import Tool.

    The following is an example:
    ve_import-1.11.12340-9.x86_64.w64 admin admin migrate_192.168.5.10.json.


Log on to Ops Center to verify that all Camera Names and Numbers have imported properly.